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Not sure what to get your loved ones? Buy them a custom amount gift card!

Gift Cards can be ordered digital or bought physical in store! They can be used online and in store! To purchase a digital gift card fill out the gift card form below, physical gift cards can be bought in store! To apply a gift card while shopping online, enter the code given to you through email into the gift card section at checkout! To apply a gift card towards a workshop bring the gift card to your workshop and credit will be used towards your amount paid at the end of your workshop. 

The average price of a ring from Valore is $65. The average price of a workshop is $65 (when including upgrading to bigger stones and/or bands). Inventory and custom prices range on average from $40 - $115.

Gift cards are non refundable and valid for 1 year after purchase, they expire after that.

Valore Gift Card


You can't go wrong with a gift card! Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own....

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