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About Valore.


Hi! I'm Mati Douglas! I started making rings in my moms garage in Orem Utah shortly after graduating high school. It started as a hobby but I quickly became obsessed and spent every minute in my moms garage creating. In 2021 after a lot of saving up I took the leap and opened up a shop in the Provo Riverwoods Mall! A place where everyone and anyone can create together and express themselves. Shop Valore is for everyone, a place to buy unique and handmade pieces and also a place to come try something new and get creative creating your own pieces at an affordable price! 

Valore was started for many reasons, the biggest one being I wanted to start making money from doing something I love and create something I could share with others. I want to inspire others to avoid the normal and go for the more uncomfortable scary route of following your dreams! I also wanted to create a space where others can come escape and create with their hands, trying something new. I'm beyond thankful for what building Valore has done for me. Valore is a space of creativity and acceptance for all creators! 

Every piece of jewelry is unique, made with the highest quality .925 sterling silver metal and 14 K gold filled metal (no green fingers) and authentic gemstones we get from local rock shops and gem faires!!

Thank you for supporting local small businesses and others dreams becoming a reality!!


Our mission is to inspire creativity, celebrate individuality, and encourage potential. We believe in being present and creating meaningful connections with anyone that visits our store. We strive to provide sentimentality through our products, workshops and events that create lasting memories. Valore believes in the power of community and aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported. Valore values you.


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