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In a spoon ring making workshop you will choose a handle from our collection and make it into a ring! All of our silverware handles are sterling silver!  We supply all the materials and will guide you step by step through the whole process:) It's fun for everyone and anyone can do it!!! 



 Spoon ring workshops are by schedule only. See the Workshop schedules below to check our availability for your preferred time!


Spoon Ring Workshop base price: $30 per ring 

  Base price includes:

-Teaching and instruction to make one spoon ring 

You will choose with handle you want, each handle is individually priced, that price is in addition to the base price. The handles range from $6 - $15. All Handles are sterling silver. 

     - Payment is due at the END of your workshop in person.


Spoon Ring Workshops last on average around 45 mins. Each workshops duration can vary depending on group size, # of creations made and time taken to make decisions.



Birthday Discount: 15% if you attend a workshop on your birthday. It must be attended on your actual birthday! Proof via ID will be asked for and the discount only applies to the birthday persons creation, not the whole group, even if paying together.

Workshop Promotions: To be eligible for a workshop promotion you need to have put the promo on your booking form at the allotted time. Workshop promotions are applied to the participants creation who booked the workshop with the promo, even if paying together. Cannot be transferred. We will not go back and add promotion codes to reservations. Discounts cannot be combined. 


                                           GROUP SIZES

Per spoon ring making class we take up to 10 participants at a time. We take groups of up to 10 participants. Each workshop time only has 10 seats available, if you're trying to book a workshop but it won't let you select your preferred amount of participants it's because there are already too many people booked for that workshop time.

You need to book a spot for each participant. For example: If you book for 2 people, 2 people need to make rings or you will be charged for that unfilled spot. If you book for 2 people but show up with 6 only 2 are guaranteed a spot to make creations. We need to have enough seating and instructors present to have extra participants make creations. 

No bystander watching. 

Booking closes 24 hours before the workshop time. Message us via email or Instagram if you want to check last minute availability! 


Our age cut off for participating in the workshop is 9 years old. 

We don't allow small children to be in the shop as there are tools and small metal objects that we don't want either side harmed.


                                  NO SHOW & LATE POLICY 

                      The no show fee is $20 per spot booked.

15 mins late or more is considered a no show, not attending a workshop you scheduled without 48 hours notice is a no show, any spot(s) you reserve that a participant doesn’t attend and make a workshop creation is considered a no show. Workshops must start on time to not overlap and effect other participants and valore silversmiths. This policy is non negotiable and you agree to abide by this when you book a workshop. 

You must contact us via email or Instagram and cancel/reschedule your booking 48 hours in advance to avoid these fees.

Contact us via email or Instagram @shop.valore 48 hours in advance if you have any concerns with this!

                        WORKSHOP CREATION POLICY 

All creations made in a workshop are not eligible for a refund once you take the product home. Craftsmanship issues like broken bands and unstable/ unset stones will be assessed during the workshop. Concerns need to be voiced during the workshop time. Once you take the ring home it is not eligible for a remake or refund.

We reserve the right to refuse to do a workshop for any individual.



NO FOOD, SMALL CHILDREN OR ANIMALS. As there are tools and small objects that we don't want either side harmed. 

                  Tools and machines are used in the process of creating a metal creation. By signing up for the workshop you are acknowledging you are responsible for your own safety under our instruction


   Questions? Instagram DM @shop.valore or email:

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