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What is the best/ fastest way to message valore?

Instagram @shop.valore & Email @

Are we currently hiring?

We are always excepting applications! Apply under "Work Here"! 

Can I bring my own stone to a workshop?

Yes! We price out your stone depending on the size/ how much metal it will use to make your preferred creation.

What types of creations can I make?

-Sterling silver single stone ring 

-Sterling silver double stone ring

-Sterling silver triple stone ring

-Sterling silver pendant

-Sterling silver spoon gem ring

-Sterling silver bracelet/ cuff

-Sterling silver bolo tie

-Sterling silver stud earrings

-Sterling silver dangle earrings 

-14K gold ring 

-Spoon ring 

-Spoon pendant 

-Spoon bracelet/ cuff

What does the base price of a workshop include? 

The base prices of the workshops include everything you need to create that creation! Additional charges come from upgrading your gemstone, certain decorative options that involve a lot of extra metal, and a few upgrade band options. 

Check out our inspo page to see examples and get inspo!

Do you do group discounts?

We don't offer group discounts!!<3

How long does a workshop take?

Silversmithing and Goldsmithing Workshops last on average around 3 hours! Spoon ring workshops last around 30 mins! Duration depends on group size, pieces made and how long it takes to make decisions.

Do I need to schedule a workshop or can I just walk in?

Silversmithing and Goldsmithing workshops are by schedule only, spoon ring workshops are walk in available until we are maxed out on participants! Message ahead of time to check availability for spoon ring workshop availability.

How do I cancel a workshop? 

Email us if you are wanting to cancel or rebook within 48 hours of the workshop time and we will get that handled for you!

Is Moka always at the shop?

Moka is Matis dog and follows his queen wherever she goes.:)  Moka is a mini golden doodle. 

Can I make a band with no gem in a workshop?

Yes in addition to your gemstone creation you can make stacker bands. Workshop spots are for those making gemstone creations, if you want to make just a stacker band message us via email or Instagram!

Can you resize a ring I ordered in the wrong size?

Yes we can upsize rings bigger then a size 6! We cannot downsize rings to be a smaller size, we can upsize rings up to one size bigger. If you ordered a ring and it doesn't fit message us via email before shipping it back. You will be responsible for shipping to and from Valore. We don't do refunds for rings ordered in the wrong size.

Where did Valore start? Who started it?

Mati Douglas owns and started Valore out of her moms garage in Orem UT in 2019. <3

Does Valore do pop up workshops?

If you have a event/ party you are hosting and want to make rings email us! We do bachelorette parties, birthday parties and other events! Email us @ or Instagram @ shop.valore

What is the age limit to attend a workshop?

Because of the workshop environment we do have an age limit of 9 years old. For safety reasons we don't allow children inside the shop. Participants under the age of 18 we ask to be accompanied by an adult.

What is the refund policy for workshops?

Pieces made in a workshop are not eligible for refund or remake. Craftsmanship issues like broken bands and unstable/ unset stones will be assessed during the workshop. Once you take the ring home it is not eligible for remake or refund. 

What is the cancellation policy?

Canceling or rescheduling needs to be done 48 hours in advance otherwise you will be charged a $15 fee per spot reserved. More about our workshop policies can be found on the workshop information page and our store policies page. To cancel or reschedule message us @!

How many pieces can you make in a workshop?

Each participant can make up to two gemstone pieces each!

Will my rings turn my fingers green?

No green fingers! At Valore we use the highest grade .925 sterling silver and 14K gold filled! All of our metal is from rio grande.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Shoot us a message and we will answer you ASAP<33

Message us via insta @shop.valore or email

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