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Out of state Ambassadors


$5 payments for workshop referrals 

- For each person that mentions your name in-store check out, you will receive a $5 payment. 

Valore Apparel + collection of stickers

- Apparel and stickers will be picked up in store on the day of or at any point after your initial workshop. 

Access to weekly and monthly raffles entries ranging from $15-$200 in value. 

- There is no limit to how many raffles you can enter or win. 

Invitations and early access to private events.


Sharing all promotional content leading up to events 

- Posts must clearly display Valores product or branding and tag @shop.valore. 

Unboxing Video 

- Stories must clearly display Valore’s branding or product and tag @shop.valore. Video must be longer then 15 seconds and clearly display the product. Posted on your personal instagram as a reel and/or tik tok account. Your video with be scheduled to post on a specific day by a Valore Associate. An associate will remind you on specific days when to post. 

Private event post night before

 - Posts must clearly display Valores product or branding and tag @shop.valore. 

Examples and Expectations:

We hope this opportunity becomes a chance for you to explore creative possibilities and make new friends! In order to uphold the standard we have for this content, here are some good and bad examples for your consideration. If you need ideas, never hesitate to reach out for guidance! We trust this will be a fun and fulfilling creative process for you. 

Final Steps:

We will be in touch with you over instagram throughout this entire process to answer questions, suggest ideas, or offer support. Your final step before officially becoming a Valore Ambassador is to sign up for your workshop, please go to our Instagram and DM us the day and time you are scheduled to come in. We are so excited for you to join our team! Please click the link below to access the workshop calendar for available sessions. 



Thanks for submitting!

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