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How To Order A Custom Gemstone Piece:

1- Pick out a stone! 

The price includes the stone made into a simple ring with .925 Sterling Silver. If you choose to upgrade to gold there is an initial fee of $30 to make your piece with 14K Gold Filled.

2- Once you find the stone you love purchase it! Make a note in the comments what you are wanting your piece made into: ring, pendant, bolo tie, bracelet, ect. After purchase you will receive an order number which you will then use to fill out your custom order form!

3- Make sure to fill out the appropriate form for what you are wanting to have created! If you are wanting your piece made in silver fill out the Custom Silver Form. If you are wanting your piece made in 14 K Gold Filled fill out the Custom Gold Form.

These forms show us your vision so we can then create a beautiful piece for you, designed by you! The cost of upgrades you choose and the additional price of $30 if you choose to do gold instead of silver, will be sent to you via invoice for payment. Once we recieve payment for any additional upgrades you choose we wil then start creating your custom piece.

Custom orders are made to order by our silversmiths. Turn around time for custom orders can take up to two weeks! Once your order has been shipped we will send you a tracking number!

4- To get started on your custom jewelry journey go ahead and pick a stone(s) from our gem selection!!

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